Paws 'n' Tails Hydrotherapy Pool

Paws 'n' Tails Hydrotherapy Pool is a Black Forest, Colorado based business. We were founded in 2008 by Mike Hasty with the goal to improve the quality of life for all canine companions, young and old. What sets our facility apart from other dog pools in the United States? Simple. Canine hydrotherapy is not just putting a life jacket on a dog, putting the dog in the water and watching him/her swim. Canine hydrotherapy is learning about the various injuries dogs incur, knowing how to swim a dog with one of these injuries, what to look for, knowing how long to swim each individual dog, reading the dog's body language and understanding what he/she is presenting to us. Equally important is the knowledge of the various types of conditions that should not swim in warm water.

Explore our site and see how canine hydrotherapy can benefit your canine companion's quality of life, both physically and mentally.